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Slyunix has the best selection of Linux and Unix operating systems. 

You may not be a big fan of computers. You might be able to remember the day you had to do things by hand and get a hold of a person on the phone or in person if you wanted to convey anything. There is definitely something to be said for a more hands on approach to business and socializing. A balance is always nice. However, even if this is the method you personally prefer, you have to admit the rest of the world is moving ahead with or without you.

Technology is moving forward and it has become the norm and has infiltrated our everyday life. If you refuse to embrace the technological advices you will probably be affected by at least some of them in almost every area of your life. You will not be subject to the same entertainment options. In business, you are going to have a hard time keeping up with those companies that embrace the new technological advances that are coming out all the time. You can do a lot with in person communication and hands on approaches. However, business software can help you be more accurate, get your finances and business proposals done faster, keep a more organized filing system, and even come up with a stronger plan for growth in your business.

These days you can do anything from socialize and meet new people to take classes to further your education from the comfort of your own home and even play roulette at the casino of your choice without having to get up from your desk. It can help you get more out of the little free time you have, and you can much more easily multitask.
You can plan your next vacation from home in the time your dinner is in the oven. You can talk to friends and family for much less online if they live far away. You might not be able to afford long distant phone charges, and with the phone you can even actually see who you are talking to. This tends to help people feel more connected. The opportunities are numerous. It is just what your specific needs from the software are.

Balance is a great thing, and there is no reason why you should have to completely change who you are and make every aspect of your life completely taken over by the computer. The new computer software that is being put out is meant to enhance the life you already have. Not completely change you into someone you are not. It is probably worth looking into how at least some modern software can help improve the quality of your life and make things easier.

Do you ever get so frustrated with systems that only work with compatible software and that are legally unchangeable? Many online poker software and card counting programs which are used for online casino players require different approvals and guidelines. Everyone likes options and to feel like you are able to get exactly what you want. When you get a system that canít be changes and have to choose from options someone else has made available you can start to feel very frustrated. So many people who rely on their computers, whether it is for their business or just for their personal amusement, like free and open source software/operating systems like Linux and Unix. When it comes to your computer you should be able to get it to do whatever you need it to and work for you specifically, whether you are putting together a mix for your next DJ gig or compiling a color coded list of surgical assistant jobs. Your computer should work for your needs.

Linux and Unix operating systems are Free and Open-source software. This means you wonít be paying insane prices for software and can probably find great deals. This software is about getting the software out to the people to empower them and see what they do to it. It is free in the sense that anyone can get hold of it and alter it and redistribute it to whomever they want. It is as easy as putting it on your memory stick, sticking it in your laptop bag, and giving it to a friend to download. It couldnít be much easier or convenient. You can alter the software to do whatever you feel it should do, and if you feel it is an amazing idea you can even distribute your version of the software to others. When you have this much control over your software, you can truly make your computer work for you.

There are only a few operating systems on the market and they do try to tailor themselves to their users needs. Windows offers a number of built in games because Microsoft knows that everyone likes an occasional game. Unfortunately Windows does not allow you to alter the code to make the game you really like part of your personalized system.

There are only a few operating systems on the market and they do try to tailor themselves to their users needs. Windows offers a number of built in games because Microsoft knows that everyone likes an occasional game. Unfortunately Windows does not allow you to alter the code to make the game you really like part of your personalized system. With Linux the skies the limits, you can even make an online bingo site appear to be an integral part of your system.

This is all made possible because Linux and Unix make their source code available to the users. With other software, the companies/creators have all rights to that software. You are not allowed to make changes to the software; it comes as is and is meant to be used as it. This means you usually have to use their applications that are compatible with that system. You also certainly canít redistribute the software you buy from them. Everyone must purchase there own copy and you are only purchasing rights to use of that specific software you are using. It is keeping the users options as open as possible and allowing a more open use of software by the people. It is amazing what can happen when you take back control and freedom of the use of your computer. You will be surprised what doors open up and the options that emerge. So try Linux and/or Unix today and never have problems with your ethernet configuration, 7940 Ip phone, or any other computer application again.

Commonly used Unix commands:

  • To login type the command - login
  • Connecting to another machine - telnet
  • For logging out, type - logout
  • To use the emacs text editor type - emacs
  • To create a directory type - mkdir
  • To change you current working directory - cd
  • To identify which files you have type - ls
  • To make a copy of a file type - cp
  • Change the name of a file type - mv
  • To get rid of unwanted files - rm
  • Controlling access to your files type - chmod
  • To compare two files - cmp
  • Word, line and character count - wc
  • To Compress a file - compress
  • Sending and receiving electronic mail - e-mail
  • Talk to another user - talk
  • Finding out your available disk space quota - quota-v
  • Using the Ical personal organizer - ical
  • Getting information about a user - finger
  • Changing your password - passwd
  • Finding out who's logged on - who
  • Printing - lpr
  • Removing a print job - lprm


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